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About Us

Author:Chong Qing Shu Yang Shang Mao | Article From: | Release time:2014/8/15 12:25:02  | Chick:1282

    Chong Qing Shu Yang Trading Company is a company that provide sales of marine equipment and engine parts trading company.Our main sales includes: Ship Parts、Marine hardware、Marine electrical accessories、Marine Instrumentation、Diesel engine parts and other parts.

    We have a wide varieties of quality products to meet your every need. Our competitive pricing and quality products will give your company a competitive advantage.

    Our company's products include:Marine Diesel Monitor、Marine Instrumentation、Marine Anchor、Ship accessories、and Marine diesel engine sea water pump、Generator、Starter motor、Oil Pump、Ribbed Belt、Filter、Radiator....

    We are committed to provide excellent customer service experiences to every clients. Going the extra miles for our clients is an everyday event for us. 

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